Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Gavenny Catering Service and Maintenance based in Abergavenny design and manufacture the ventilation and extract systems for your commercial kitchen to meet current regulations.

We carry out extraction cleaning for commercial kitchens and other businesses

Extraction systems can get clogged by fats, oils and grease, potentially becoming a substantial fire risk. These may need to be cleaned multiple times a year, depending on the type of cooking taking place. Some extraction systems are fine for an annual clean, whereas others would need to be cleaned every six months or even three months.

Our cleaners manage everything from office blocks to food manufacturing plants, ensuring that their extraction systems are cleaned to exacting standards. Our specialist cleaning teams can cover all commercial kitchens from restaurants, pubs, takeaways and care homes to schools and canteens.

Our kitchen audits are conducted by highly experienced technicians who use a wet film thickness gauge to read grease levels at every point in the extraction system, from the canopies and filters to the ducting and finally the extraction fan. From the readings, an average micron level is calculated, and we will tell you if your kitchen doesn’t need deep cleaning. 

The audit process is thoroughly documented, and a comprehensive report is produced, complete with micron readings, photographs and recommendations. Depending on the size and complexity of the system. If you would like an audit of your extraction systems, please contact us today.

We’re known for our speed of mobilisation, nationwide capability and high standards – we are the preferred choice for the UK’s major brands for commercial extraction cleaning.

  • FREE quotation/technical advice
  • Complete satisfaction or your money back guaranteed
  • Inspections to ensure compliance with current Health & Safety regulations
  • Rapid response to your needs
  • Full inspection reports provided and benchmarked to recognised levels

Benefits of an Extractor Fan Clean

If your extractor hood is blocked up with dirt and grease, it is not going to be able to remove heat, cooking odours and, most importantly, Carbon Monoxide to the best of its ability. Cleaning your extractor fan and extractor hood means that the extractor fan can work the way it is meant to. This means it can remove unwanted particles with ease, extracting them from the atmosphere.

Keeping your extractor fan clean is vital to ensuring the highest level of safety in your kitchen. Whether it is ensuring there is minimal greasy residue in your extractor hood, or whether it is ensuring the right particles can be carried away by your fan, keeping your extractor fan clean is an important task to do. Here, at Air Extractor, we specialise in keeping your kitchen cleaner for longer.

Being able to remove odours, particles, and unwanted gas, keeps your kitchen cleaner. It allows for your kitchen to operate at peak efficiency.

Does your filter need replacing?

All Air Extractor specialists carry stock of replacement lamps, universal seals and a range of extraction filters. No matter what it is you need, we can help, from replacement seals to the bulb in your extractor fan. If you require additional or specialist spares, let your local Air Extractor professional know in advance and we can order the part for you, or recommend a reputable supplier. No matter who your oven is made by, from AEG to Zanussi, we are more than happy to help you get your Extractor Fan back to peak condition.

Fully Trained Oven and Extractor Fan Cleaning Specialists

You can be assured that Gavenny Catering offer the highest standard in oven cleaning. Your appliances are in safe hands, as all Air Extractor specialists have been fully trained to ensure all extractor fan and hood cleaning can be carried out as safely and efficiently as possible. Our job is to allow you to get back to cooking with a beautifully cleaned oven, quickly, and without fuss.

So, no matter how much grime your oven has built up over recent use, our oven cleaning experts are on hand to help out. You can contact your local Air Extractor expert for an obligation free quote.


Our kitchen extract cleaning service adheres to the HVCA’s TR/19 best practice standard. On completion we provide full certification and reports for you to demonstrate to your insurers. With our certification and reports, you can trust that the job has been done right.